Beautiful armor

September 2018 - January 2019

Foto's fotoshoot bodysuit 1.jpg
foto 5 bodysuit.jpg
Foto's fotoshoot bodysuit 3.jpg

Model: Alina voskuil

Photography: Corinne van Lelieveld & Anke ter Heide

MUAH: creative mind mua 

Designing a collection for a chosen designer: Toni Maticevski. 
Concept is based on a statement of the designer: "Who doesn’t want to see a woman feeling like she has her armour protecting and supporting her, and part of that is what I create". That statement combined with an article I read about school pictures of children being photoshopped I came to an concept to create an armour with the insecurities of a skin condition.  
With the research I started with my own skin condition: eczema. But after a while I read about the skin condition Vitiligo and I found the shapes intriguing.
​I also used a wetsuit as form inspiration for this collection
With the fabric choses I play with the different textures of skin: smooth and rough.

Form study of the wetsuit

The form of a wetsuit draped around a doll


Form study Toni Maticevski


Vitiligo prints made in illustrator and photoshop

Collectie 2020 nieuw 3.jpg
Collectie 2020 nieuw.jpg

The collection

scan stoffenkaart.jpg

fabric card